Certification of Process

Barrett Plating has certified testing equipment at our facility to test thickness of plating. When requested by the customer, we can provide them with a plating certification which lists the process the parts went through
and the thickness results of the parts. RoHS compliant products.

Due to forward thinking of our customers and our staff, Barrett Plating has provided a trivalent clear chromate to comply with RoHS requirements for over 15 years. During that time, we have tested and improved our clear
trivalent products as they have evolved. This includes the testing of top coat products to go over the clear trivalent coating to provide our customers with higher salt spray testing hours.

VRM 11-210

Yellow Hexavalent to 96 hours to white
Clear Trivalent to 96 hours to white
Clear Trivalent with top coat to 140 to white

Barrett Plating does not do salt spray testing in house but instead outsources the salt spray testing to a certified lab to ensure our customers are getting a fair, accurate picture of the salt spray testing results.

Salt Spray Requirements met:

Barrett Plating is capable of meeting the following specifications

Baking After Plating

Barrett Plating has 3 ovens for baking to relieve hydrogen embrittlement in
our facility. Timers on the ovens ensure that we can meet baking
specifications from 4 hours up to 24 hours. Customers are required to
instruct us of baking requirements on each PO.